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Real Estate Dubai

Real Estate

Cloud Servants LLC Real Estate offers comprehensive services from selection of site and feasibility studies to construction and property management. The range of properties administered and leased in the Europe/Middle East includes warehouses, showrooms, workshops, offices, villas and apartment buildings.

Model Housing Dubai

Model Housing

Model homes for your family built to protect nature and environment. By using old shipping containers as the structural framework for the model homes, we are making the most sustainable, environmentally safe and 'green' homes in the world.

Container homes

Container homes

Whether you need staff accommodations, eco-friendly CO2 saving office space or hip, trending retail stores in refusbished stronger-than-steel containers, we have it - built in the UAE.

Business Angel

Cloud Servants LLC has invested an multiple projects, start-ups and companies and we're always on the lookout for exciting projects. Please feel free to contact us in the below contact form. Thank you.

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Cloud Servants is an international construction services company and is an experienced builder in diverse and numerous market segments. We are happy to undertake small, medium and large, complex projects where our people can bring their technical knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness to the delivery of our construction services.

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Company Administration

Running a successful company requires a lot of time and effort to ensure the highest standards are met and the integrity of the business is upheld. Cloud Servants can provide an extensive range of corporate administration to make running of the company as easy as possible.

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Marketing & Social Media

Our team of marketing experts have more than 10 years experience and can supply, printed as well as digital marketing and set up campaigns and advertising on various social media channels.

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